Beloved Grocery Store Clerk Gets Kidney From School Social Worker

"She was one of those rare employees that treats everyone with respect and kindness." That's how Dan Coyne, an elementary school social worker, describes Myra de la Vega, a 12-year veteran of a grocery store where Coyne had been shopping for two decades.

So when he discovered that de la Vega had been diagnosed with kidney failure and needed to go on dialysis, it seemed natural to him to help. Remarkably, he was a match, and de la Vega was overwhelmed when she was asked, out of the blue, to set a transplant date.

CNN covered this inspiring story. WATCH:

"I couldn't believe it, that there was somebody like him that was living on Earth that could do that," she said. "I think he is an angel living on Earth. You can say I'm corny but that's how I regard him."