Ben Affleck Uses Alias To Buy Coffee? Actor Goes For The Curious Name 'Spencer' On A Java Run

You would think Ben Affleck is a big enough star to have other people fetch his morning coffee for him, yet the actor-director insists on doing it himself. What is a little weird, though, is that he does so under an assumed identity.

While coming out of a Los Angeles Starbucks yesterday, Affleck revealed his caffein alias and it's not Kevin Harkins -- it's "Spencer."

As evident below on Affleck's chilled beverage, the recent Academy Award winner tried to avoid being recognized ... even though it's not really his generic name that makes him stand out.

ben affleck alias

ben affleck alias

A little search we conducted revealed Affleck's assistant on "Argo" was named Spencer, an assistant who also continued on with the acclaimed actor to his upcoming film, "To The Wonder." Could he be the inspiration?

The Affleck-Garner clan are big fans of the coffee run (here, here and here) and the two A-listers are often spotted with their three kids while running errands. Last night, however, Ben and Jen took some time to "work on their marriage" and went on a date night in Santa Monica.



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