Ben Affleck Teases A Future Batman Villain Who's Actually Worth Fighting Against


Superhero films in the DC universe as of late all suffer from a common problem: lackluster villains. Really, “Suicide Squad”? You expect us to fear Cara Delevingne and her army of blob people?

On Monday morning, Ben Affleck (née Batfleck) gave comic book fans everywhere some hope that future films actually might include a compelling antagonist. The actor shared what appears to be test footage from future “Justice League” movies, or Affleck’s solo Batman project, on social media of the one of the most famous supervillains around. 

The short clip introduces audiences to Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson, a former soldier turned assassin with super strength abilities and a grudge against some of the most famous heroes in the DC lineup, like Green Arrow. The character was played most recently by Manu Bennett on the CW’s “Arrow,” where he clashed with Star City’s savior for two seasons. 

“Justice League” doesn’t hit theaters until 2017 and there’s currently no time frame for a standalone Batman film, so we’ll just have to sit and wait patiently for a foe worth fighting against. 



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