Ben Affleck Jokes 'Gone Girl' Full-Frontal Happened On Cold Set

When accepting an award for your latest film, what better way to use the opportunity than to bring up your now-legendary full-frontal scene?

Ron Howard presented the top prize at the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday night, honoring David Fincher's "Gone Girl." Ben Affleck accepted the award on behalf of Fincher and the producers and used his moment on stage to comment on his infamous shower scene from the film. Affleck sarcastically thanked Fincher for keeping the set cool during the sequence: "If you're going to have one chance for America to see your junk, you want it to be cold."

The actor used the rest of his speech to poke fun at Fincher, saying the director couldn't be there to accept the award because he was still busy shooting the film. "Just one or two more takes, we're gonna have it," Affleck said, mocking Fincher's reputation of demanding multiple takes. Fincher may have betrayed Affleck's trust with the temperature conditions on set, but the actor is still hoping 3-D will make up for it.



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