Aw, Ben Affleck Is The Saddest Batman Ever

Fans were up in arms when director Zack Snyder released a photo of Ben Affleck in his Batman costume looking bulky, blurry and incredibly dour. While the photo quality alone was disappointing -- revealing very little about the upcoming "Man Of Steel" sequel -- fans took the gloom-and-doom Caped Crusader and did what the Internet does best: They made a meme out of it.

You could blame the new Sad Batman meme on Irish journalist Will Hanafin, who used the hashtag #SadBatman on top of the newly revealed pic. Soon, photoshopped pictures of Affleck's masked hero began cropping up faster than you can say "To the Batmobile."

These pictures show the Dark Knight moping around no matter what the occasion is, showing that this particular Batman's bark and bite are probably equally unimpressive (or maybe he's still traumatized from the murder of his parents). If Affleck's dejected pose is any indication, it seems that Snyder has gone in a moodier direction with his Batman than other film interpretations of the character (a move that earned him no love from audiences when he tried it with Superman in "Man Of Steel"). But the mopey expression has at least given fans an opportunity for some good ol', all-American Photoshoppin' fun. Check out some of the photos of Gotham's best-known, utterly unimpressed hero:



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