Ben Affleck Slurs Words Defending His One True Love, Tom Brady

“Maybe Tom Brady IS SO F**KING CLASSY …"

Word of advice: Do not bring up how much "Batman" sucked or dare talk about Tom Brady if you're not prepared to go to war with Ben Affleck

The actor appeared on Bill Simmons’ new HBO talk show, "Any Given Wednesday" and began cursing up a storm -- even slurring his words -- when the host brought up Deflategate. Affleck couldn't reel in his anger (or conspiracy theories) for even a moment, defending Brady and his beloved New England Patriots. 

"Maybe Tom Brady is so fucking classy, is such a fucking gentleman, that he doesn't want people to know that he may have reflected on his real opinion of some of his co-workers," Affleck said to Simmons, defending Brady's refusal to hand over his phone to the NFL. The actor continued, essentially spitting out his words at the host:

"This is a conspiracy of people working inside the NFL who all come from organizations that Tom Brady whipped their ass over the last 10 or 15 years." 

Though social media users couldn't get enough of Affleck's nearly five-minute long outburst, he did end his argument on one point that -- Boston fan or not -- everyone can agree with. 

"They haven’t done anything to address this crisis of domestic violence in the NFL, but the fucking football better not be 8 percent lighter," Affleck said. 

Simmons noticed users going off on the actor's bizarre rant (that -- to some -- made him appear to look drunk) and quickly defended him: 

On Thursday afternoon, Affleck also tweeted about his, um, enthusiastic interview with Simmons: 



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