Ben Affleck Tries To Surprise Fans, Who Refuse To Believe He's Actually Ben Affleck

Should've checked the back tattoo.

Easiest way to identify Ben Affleck? His massive back tattoo, duh.

The "Batman v Superman" press tour, aka Ben Affleck's "You still like me, right?" apology tour, is in full swing and that means the actor is surprising fans with rides in the Batmobile.

Fans touring Warner Bros. studios in Hollywood were treated to Affleck in the flesh, but few believed that he was really Ben Affleck. "That really looks like Ben Affleck," one guest remarked after the actor popped out of the Batmobile. Another's response? "Are you real?"

At one point Affleck takes a woman's hand to his face (not in that way) to prove that it's actually him.

What would we do if we were lucky enough to ride with Ben? Immediately put on J.Lo's "Dear Ben" and softly sing to him about how he makes our body feel a million different things.

A boy can dream, can't he?

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