Ben Affleck Goes Full Boston To Get 'Kid Brother' Swing State To Vote

"All of New England is counting on you!"

Hollywood actor and producer Ben Affleck, aka Benny “The Sweet One” O’Callaghan, may not be from New Hampshire, but he is urging those in his “kid brother” state to get out and vote Nov. 8 ― for the sake of greater New England and the nation.

In a new, profanity-laced Funny Or Die video, Affleck, who grew up near Boston, says he’s been “loving on” New Hampshire ― a key swing state ― since he was just a “lil’ baby Pats fan.”

“Have you ever been to New Hampshire?” Affleck asks in a thick Boston accent. “It’s fuckin’ beautiful, guy.” 

Affleck says he’d normally consider the “great people” of New Hampshire too good for this election. Not this year. 

“Seeing as how this election is a bigger disaster than the New York Knicks, the people from New Hampshire are going to have to register and vote,” he says. “Otherwise this whole damn nation is going to be cursed.”

Affleck doesn’t push any particular candidate in the video, but urges voters to visit NextGen Climate, an organization that’s endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and is focused on preventing climate change.

“If you give a shit about women’s rights, if you care about keeping the environment safe for future generations ― ever hear of it? ― if you care about people getting to piss in the fuckin’ bathroom of their choice, then guess who’s got your back in this election?” Affleck asks in the video. “That’s right ― my basically home-state New Hampshire.”

The pressure’s on you, New Hampshire. As Affleck put it, “All of New England is counting on you!”

CLARIFICATION: This post has been updated to note that Affleck was raised near Boston, though not in the city itself.



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