Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Cheers On Bernie Sanders With Another Flavor

The limited-edition pint consists of a toffee core surrounded by hot cinnamon ice cream, signifying the act of holding politicians’ feet to the fire.

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen is throwing his weight behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with a new flavor celebrating the presidential candidate’s 2020 campaign.

On Friday, Cohen unveiled “Bernie’s Back!,” a limited-edition, small-batch treat that makes a big political statement. 

As Cohen describes it, the name is a double-entendre. At the core of the confection is a toffee “backbone,” handmade by Cohen himself and meant to symbolize Sanders’ no-nonsense attitude. Hot cinnamon ice cream surrounds the toffee core, symbolizing the act of holding politicians’ feet to the fire. On top lies a solid chocolate disc, representing the wealth of the 1% that the consumer must crush into tiny pieces and distribute down into pint.

Cohen said he’s making between 10 and 40 pints of the flavor, which he and business partner Jerry Greenfield will autograph and raffle off to any contestant who wishes to sign up on Sanders’ campaign site.

The Vermont ice cream entrepreneur also celebrated Sanders’ campaign in 2016 with “Bernie’s Yearning,” a mint-flavored ice cream which, like his latest invention, featured a chocolate disc at the top.

Neither is a mass-distributed flavor, and both are independent of the Ben & Jerry’s brand.