Ben And Jerry's Voices Its 'Strong Opposition' To Trump's New Immigration Order

"At Ben & Jerry’s we understand this policy is not only bad for our nation, it’s bad for business."
The company is coming for Trump. 
The company is coming for Trump. 

Ben and Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim has slammed President Trump’s new executive order on immigration in an open letter on the ice cream company’s website.

Solheim, who also wrote a letter after Trump’s first attempt at a travel ban, issued an update to his message about refugees, migration and justice.

“In light of the Trump administration’s second crack at an executive order limiting immigrants and refugees from predominantly Muslim countries, we wanted to reiterate Ben and Jerry’s strong opposition to this assault on America’s commitment to fairness, the rule of law, and religious liberty,” he wrote. “At Ben and Jerry’s we understand this policy is not only bad for our nation, it’s bad for business.”

The CEO of the company then directed readers to his first letter about Trump’s travel ban. He explained why banning it was not only bad for America, but also why it was bad for business.

However, I do know that banning people from predominantly Muslim countries, including refugees from war, is not the path to security. If anything, it undermines America’s moral authority as the leader of the free world. It erodes the U.S.’s reputation as a country committed to liberty and justice for all. And it robs America’s companies, universities, and hospitals from the innovators and job creators that will continue to make its economy the envy of the world.

At the end of his open letter, Solheim called the ban a “direct assault” on American values and linked to a website where people can oppose Trump’s ban on refugees.

Throughout Trump’s relatively short presidency, the company has voiced its disagreement with the president’s policies.

It’s Time to Stand Up and Stand Together . . At Ben & Jerry’s, we strongly denounce the executive order that President Trump issued banning people entry to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Their only offense was being from one of these countries. This is a direct assault on the US’s commitment to fairness, the rule of law, and religious liberty. That’s why around the world, tens of thousands of people gathered in cities and airports to denounce this assault on our values. . . The impact of this policy is to deny entry to some of the most vulnerable people in the world, forced from their homes and fleeing unthinkable violence. It also denies entry to some of the world’s best doctors, scholars, and artists depriving the US of the diversity which has made it what it is. This Executive Order does not make us stronger or safer, in fact it does just the opposite. It’s also bad for the business community which relies upon our diverse and inclusive workplaces that make us more competitive while fostering innovation. . . We join with the millions who believe in human rights and the struggle for a dignified life for all. We call on our leaders around the world to denounce this policy, which can only further division, and to stand up for a world that values openness and compassion. . . We intend to continue to speak out and take action against fear and intolerance. Consider joining us by signing this petition opposing the President’s Executive Order as a first step. [Link in profile]

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