Ben Bradlee Is Now In Hospice Care, Sally Quinn Says

Ben Bradlee, the legendary former editor of the Washington Post, is suffering from advanced dementia and is in hospice care, his wife Sally Quinn disclosed in an interview with C-SPAN.

Bradlee, who is 93, secured a place in history with his stewardship of the Post through the Watergate scandal. Last year, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Quinn, who has been married to Bradlee for 36 years, told C-SPAN's Brian Lamb that dealing with his worsening health was initially "the most horrible experience I have ever had," but that "the caretaking part of it has really become something almost sacred."

She said that Bradlee has had a serious decline over the past couple of months.

"He sleeps now about twenty hours a day and doesn't eat much," he said. "But, you know, he's totally content."

Watch the video above.