During Critical Campaign Period, Ben Carson Heads Home To Get Fresh Clothes

Are there no washing machines in Iowa?
Ben Carson needs some fresh clothes.
Ben Carson needs some fresh clothes.
John Locher/Associated Press

These first two weeks of February are critical for presidential candidates, who are rushing between Iowa and New Hampshire to get in as much face time with voters as possible.

Ben Carson, however, is taking a break.

His campaign announced that he will leave Iowa on Monday night and head to Florida to get some clean clothes. His aides said he was not ending his faltering presidential bid.

CNN reported that Carson was expected to speak to supporters at his Iowa party before the full caucus results were in, so he could catch his flight home.

Flying to Florida is a long trip to simply do laundry or grab some clean clothes from his closet. Other options would have been for Carson to wash his clothes in Iowa or stop at a nearby store to pick up some new items.

After receiving a burst of support in November, Carson's prominence has waned. During recent GOP debates, he has mostly received attention for appearing to be asleep.

Some candidates who have struggled to gain ground in Iowa -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, for example -- are already in New Hampshire and holding events there. Most others are heading to the state on Tuesday and resuming campaigning.

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