Author Ben Dolnick Dishes On His New Book 'At The Bottom Of Everything' (VIDEO)

Author Ben Dolnick's new novel "At the Bottom of Everything" is generating buzz and praise for its sophisticated take on the complications of friendship.

The New York Times called the book even better than Dolnick's two earlier works, "Zoology” and “You Know Who You Are." The Times' review of "Everything" says Dolnick's writing is "more taut, more piquant, not only observant but wry in its depiction of human fallibility."

Dolnick chatted with HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps about the novel, which he had to describe carefully to avoid spoiling what he called "a pretty plotty book."

"The main thing is two friends, one of whom goes off the rails, goes crazy, disappears in India. And the sane, or ostensibly sane, friend is asked by the crazy one's parents to please go try and bring him back home," he said.

That mission is a tough one because of the pair's complex history, which makes the "ostensibly sane" one dread contact with his old pal.

"For complicated past reasons, this is the last person in the world he wants to be hearing from or about, but he feels like he has to," Dolnick said.

Catch the full interview with Ben Dolnick at HuffPost Live HERE.



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