‘Brick’ Singer Ben Folds Gets Divorced For Fifth Time: Report

“It just didn’t work out,” the ex-Ben Folds Five frontman said of his previous marriages.

Singer Ben Folds has divorced for the fifth time, ending his marriage with Emma Sandall, People reported Wednesday.

The ex-Ben Folds Five frontman, whose 1997 song “Brick” cracked the top 20 on Billboard’s radio play chart, finalized proceedings with Sandall on Feb. 27. He originally cited “irreconcilable differences.”

In documents obtained by People, Folds, 57, was ordered to pay Sandall $650,000 in monthly installments of $27,083.33 over two years, plus give her AUD 210,000 (about $138,000 U.S.) from an Australian bank account.

He also owes her $475,000 for “interest” she has in their Nashville home.

Ben Folds performs during a concert in Austin, Texas, in 2019.
Ben Folds performs during a concert in Austin, Texas, in 2019.
Rick Kern via Getty Images

His first wife was Anna Goodman, followed by Kate Rosen, Frally Hynes, with whom he had twins, and Fleur Stanbrook.

In 2015 Billboard asked the performer if a fifth time could be the charm ― and if he was self-conscious about his relationship history.

“I don’t hate these women,” he said of his previous wives. “It just didn’t work out. It’s the divorcing of the ego that matters. Who the fuck cares what someone thinks of you? A fifth fucking marriage? Maybe. I’m that guy, fine, who cares? It’s not a nice statistic, but I don’t regret anything. I think people learn at the rate they are going to learn.”

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