Ben Folds On North Carolina's Gay Marriage Ban: 'It's Embarrassing'

Last week, North Carolina passed Amendment One, which defined marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman. The constitutional amendment will now act in addition to the state's statutory prohibition against recognition of same-sex marriage.

Many celebrities have spoken out in support of same gay marriage -- and their disappointment in North Carolina -- since the amendment's passing. Musician Ben Folds, a North Carolina native, is now joining the fray. "It's embarrassing," Folds told HuffPost Entertainment, in a recent telephone interview to promote the upcoming Ben Folds Five release.

Here's what Folds had to say about Amendment One and President Obama's recent support of same-sex marriage. Be sure to check back this week for the rest of our interview with Folds, in which he discusses what it's like to reunite with the band after 13 years, his admiration for Skrillex and Ke$ha and much more.

Having been born and raised in North Carolina, what are your thoughts on your home state's recent constitutional ban on gay marriage?

It's embarrassing. I don't believe that the population of people that I know [in North Carolina] agree with that. Everyone is confounded, even the right-leaning people that I know feel like it's financially irresponsible. It doesn't make any sense. I don't like talking about politics publicly, but I think a lot of this is a result of corporations being people. When you can buy anything you want, we don't know how that result came about any more. I've talked to one unnamed Senator recently who told me, about three weeks ago, to expect stuff like that in North Carolina. Basically, one man and his company spent 11 million dollars and bought the political system in North Carolina. It probably has something to do with that, but it never was like that before.

And then President Obama, who you've been a big supporter of, came out in support of gay marriage. Does it feel like a step in the right direction?

We shouldn't be talking about that. It's a waste of time. There's really important stuff going on. Not that this isn't important, but we don't have to talk about everyone having the right to eat or breath, so why this? It feel like a no-brainer. What a weird time.

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