Ben Folds Performs Tribute To Chatroulette's Piano Improv Guy (VIDEO)

Ben Folds Performs Tribute To Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy (VIDEO)

Last week, a rogue piano player took Chatroulette by storm, performing improvised tunes to the delight of most of his non-masturbating chat partners. He was so good that there was speculation that he was in fact Ben Folds in disguise. The rumor was quickly put to rest, but not before it reached Folds, himself.

At a concert last night in North Carolina, Folds broke out the webcam and performed an ode to the "piano improv guy," belting out on-the-spot songs to his Chatroulette partners and 2000 screaming fans. None of the Chatroulette regulars (perverts) popped up on the other end, but he was treated to a guy on the toilet.


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