Ben & Jerry's 30 Rock Flavor: Ice Cream Chain Announces Newest Member Of Family

Ben & Jerry's Announces New Flavor

"30 Rock" ends Thursday, January 31. There's only one way for fans to mourn on this sad day: eat a lot of junk food, Liz Lemon-style. Thankfully, Ben & Jerry's has made that a lot easier, by revealing that the company's next ice cream flavor will in fact be in honor of "30 Rock." We're so overcome with emotion about this, that we think we might be lizzing.

The details of the flavor will be released by co-founder Jerry Greenfield at a New York City finale party steps away from Rockefeller Center. Some tickets are available to the public. The flavor will be available at Ben & Jerry's scoop shops starting in February on on grocery shelves shortly after.

While we don't have too many more details to report at this time yet, it is worth noting that a Ben & Jerry's e-mailed press release started with the now-famous Liz Lemon phrase "I want to go to there."

This isn't Ben & Jerry's first foray into the comedy arenas. Last year, the company released Schweddy Balls in honor of the famous "SNL" skit (we're noticing an Alec Baldwin trend here...). Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon both have their own flavors as well.

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