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Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito Is Bringing Ice Cream And Burritos Together At Last

Ice cream. Burrito. Bye.

Ben & Jerry's doesn't need to do anything to be the perfect treat for 4/20; it's already the go-to munchies satisfier. But the cheeky ice cream company always has something up its sleeve, and this year they're getting even closer to munchies nirvana.

On April 20, Ben & Jerry's scoop shops across the country will start selling "Brrr-itos." That's right, ice cream burritos.

Wipe the drool from your chin and get ready to mobilize off the couch on Monday. Brrr-itos consist of two scoops of ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbles and a fudge drizzle, all rolled up like a burrito in a chewy waffle cone-esque wrap. Think of the Brrr-ito as an upgrade on the Choco Taco. But because these puppies are only sold in scoop shops, they're made fresh -- which unfortunately can't be said about everyone's favorite ice cream truck treat.


For newbies, Ben & Jerry's recommends a Half Baked Brrr-ito, with one scoop of Cookie Dough and one of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, drizzled with chocolate fudge. You can choose whatever flavor you to put in your Brrr-ito, however, so go nuts. Hazed and Confused might be another good choice. (Wipe the drool again, please.)

The Brrr-ito wraps are slightly less sweet versions of the company's beloved homemade waffle cones. They have the same "ridgy goodness of their more crispy cousins," but with a chewier texture, explained Alison Gilbert, Senior Brand Manager of Scoop Shops.

It's a whole new way to enjoy ice cream, and of course Ben & Jerry's thought of it. We should expect nothing less from the folks who invented ice cream cores, put cookie butter in ice cream, and even made their own beer.

For a visual demonstration of how exactly the Brrr-ito will transform your 4/20, and life as you know it thereafter, check out the video above.

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