Ben & Jerry's Nails It With New Core Ice Cream Flavors

Why has no one thought of this yet?

We love Ben & Jerry's for almost too many reasons to count -- they're witty, they're ethical, they're responsible, they invented Half Baked, and founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are the cutest friends of all time. Now we have a new reason to swoon: four new flavors of Ben & Jerry's Cores.

The new ice creams feature a column running down the middle of the pint that is a core center of fudge, caramel or raspberry jam. It's genius.

You know when you can't decide which pint of ice cream to buy, so you end up buying two and eating way too much? Ben and Jerry don't want you to go through that every time. And you know when you're treating yourself to a sundae and eat all the fudge on top first because there's no way around it, so you're left with a fudge-less scoop at the bottom? Ben and Jerry really don't want you to endure that either.

Fear not. The perfect scoop is within reach.

nutella ice cream

With Ben & Jerry's Cores, you'll get two flavors in one pint (except for the Salted Caramel flavor, which features only one flavor of ice cream), and a filling center running down the middle of the entire container, from top to bottom. It's dreamy, it will solve all your problems and we can't believe this hasn't caught on sooner.

The new varieties include Hazed & Confused, Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel and That's My Jam.

Hazed and Confused is chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with fudge chips and a hazelnut fudge core that tastes like thick, creamy Nutella. If you're a Nutella fan, run, don't walk.

hazed and confused

That's My Jam may give Hazed and Confused a run for its money, however. It's chocolate and raspberry ice cream on either side of a raspberry core that actually has seeds in it and tastes like the jam you wish you had spread on your toast this morning. It's crazy good.

thats my jam

On the other hand, if you're a peanut butter fan, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge is pretty good too. Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and a peanut butter fudge core that has the exact consistency as peanut butter? You're going to want to try this one too. The fudgy center may stick to the roof of your mouth the same way peanut butter does, but you have the ice cream there to wash it off.

peanut butter fudge

And the (obligatory?) Salted Caramel flavor is sweet cream ice cream with blonde brownies and a salted caramel core.

caramel ice cream

The pints are $4.39 each and will be hitting stores in the U.S. this month. What will Ben & Jerry's think of next?

ice cream

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