With 'Ease My Mind,' Ben Platt Gets Candid About Romance And Sexuality

The "Dear Evan Hansen" star says he's grateful to have an "opportunity to represent my relationships and the men that I’ve loved" through his music.

Ben Platt gifted fans with an early valentine Wednesday by releasing a new video for “Ease My Mind,” the soulful second single from his forthcoming debut album, “Sing to Me Instead.” 

Directed by Nick Lieberman, the video follows Platt as he finds comfort in the arms of a lover (played by Charlie Carver). Together, the two enjoy an intimate dinner and night on the town, but whether their relationship endures is open to interpretation as the clip reaches a bittersweet conclusion. 

“Ease My Mind” picks up where Platt’s debut video, “Bad Habit,” left off as a musical exploration of the actor and singer’s love life. Collectively, the videos allow Platt to open up about his sexuality for the first time publicly ― and the star said he is grateful to have an “opportunity to represent my relationships and the men that I’ve loved” through his music. 

“I’ve been out since I was 12 years old to my family and anyone in my life,” he told People in an interview published Wednesday. “I’ve never sort of hidden that or been ashamed by it. It’s just part of me.”

Watch the “Ease My Mind” video below. 

“When we were conceptualizing this sort of loose narrative that we wanted to connect through the videos, there was not really any moment where we had to decide it should be about me and a man as opposed to anything else because it was just, ‘We’re going to represent what this was inspired by,’ which was this man that I was in love with,” Platt continued. “So it was really a no-brainer.” 

Due out March 29, “Sing to Me Instead” comprises 12 original tracks that Platt says chart the highs and lows of a romantic relationship from start to finish. The album, which he said draws inspiration from the likes of Adele, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, represents “an amalgam” of relationships he’s had, and “the very small amount that I’ve learned while grappling with love and romance.”

It’s been a whirlwind three years for Platt, who rocketed to fame as the star of Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen.” The Los Angeles native’s chilling portrayal of a misfit teen grappling ― in morally questionable ways ― with a classmate’s death in the hit musical earned him a Tony Award

In addition to the new album, Platt’s acting career is still in high gear. He’ll next be seen alongside Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow in Netflix’s “The Politician” later this year. 

But fans will get the opportunity to experience Platt’s musical prowess for themselves this spring, when he embarks on a 12-date concert tour, playing venues in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, among other cities. 

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