Ben Quayle, David Schweikert To Face Off In Arizona GOP Primary

Ben Quayle Makes Big Announcement

Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) announced Monday that he will switch congressional districts and run against Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.), setting up a GOP primary between the two freshmen lawmakers.

"The work of Arizona's redistricting commission has placed many people in difficult positions, but at the end of the day my choice is to continue representing the people I represent today," said Quayle in a statement. "The large majority of them are in District 6, and their values are my values."

Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, was drawn into the 9th District, created to account for population growth. That district is likely to be competitive. The Republican-leaning 6th, where Schweikert lives, contains just under two-thirds of Quayle's current constituents, according to an Arizona Republic analysis.

Schweikert's campaign spokesman, Chris Baker, responded to the decision in a statement, saying, "The United States Constitution allows candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives to run wherever they choose without regard to residency." He added, "While it is unfortunate for Republicans that Congressman Quayle has decided to abandon his own district to run in Congressman Schweikert’s district, we are confident based upon our polling and the incredibly positive response we have received to David’s candidacy, that David will prevail in this primary."

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