Ben Savage Looks Back On Cory's First Kiss With Topanga

When Topanga Lawrence kissed Cory Matthews in the fourth episode of "Boy Meets World," it was a huge moment for both characters: their first kiss. Ben Savage, who played Matthews on the iconic '90s sitcom, joined HuffPost Live to reminisce about that smooch.

When asked by host Caitlyn Becker if that kiss was his first, on- or off-set, Savaged hedged.

"When you're little, I think people forget that you have little pecks with girls," he explained. "I'll say this, it was my first official kiss on a TV show in front of millions of people."

The actor added that he was nervous during that scene. "On our show, we tape it in front of a live audience and there's hundreds of people watching. So it's a lot of pressure for a little kid. It's still a lot of pressure."

Pressed by Becker to discuss his first kiss, Savage admitted, "I'm sure it was my first official kiss, I guess. I don't remember--it's been a long time."

He also discussed his return to TV. Savage will reprise the role of Cory Matthews on the "Boy Meets World's" new sequel "Girl Meets World."