Two Naked Magicians And Ben Stiller Walk Into A Newsroom...

You never know what will happen on live TV... or when Ben Stiller will show up.

He didn't give us Blue Steel, but he did steal the show. 

When the HuffPost Weird News team brought in two scantily clad Australian magicians - who call their act The Naked Magic Show - to perform for a Facebook Live stream on Tuesday, we knew things would get a little strange.

But... we didn't know that Ben Stiller would show up. 

The awesome Aussies - Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler - had stripped down to their skivvies as part of their act, much to the delight of the live audience, when Stiller walked by.

At the start of their show, the gentlemen were clad in suit jackets and pressed slacks. A fairly typical magician uniform.

They did a few tricks to get us warmed up.

 And, luckily, it didn't take long for everyone to feel the heat. 

They even pulled a knife.

Wayne and Tyler's The Naked Magic Show is usually performed completely in the buff, but Facebook probably would've banned us if they really let it all hang out. Underwear was worn the whole time so our stream is totally PG-13, folks.

Watch the whole performance below and look for Ben Stiller at the 20:20 mark! 

Stiller was probably surprised to see that much nakedness in the newsroom so he dashed off camera almost as quickly as he appeared.

He probs needed an orange mocha frappuccino.

For more on The Naked Magic Show LIVE and information on where they're going to be next, visit  



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