'Gay Fat Dancer' Has Golden Buzzer Moment On 'America's Got Talent'

Ben Trigger took matters into his own hands in a lively routine.

Ben Trigger created his own show business break on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday. (See his full performance below.)

The 25-year-old travel agent from Australia explained that his dance career stalled due to injury and bias. “Being a gay, fat dancer wasn’t it,” he said.

So, Trigger made the most of his big chance in the talent competition, twirling and jumping ― and doing the splits ― in a burlesque romp. Even before the judges could decide his fate, Trigger pushed the coveted Golden Buzzer himself as he sashayed before the panelists.

It didn’t count, but he still got four votes to move on to the next round.

Simon Cowell said Trigger was hilarious. Gabrielle Union said he slayed. “You actually have some serious moves,” dancer Julianne Hough told the hopeful. But Howie Mandel might have offered the highest praise of all: “This is my favorite Golden Buzzer moment.”