Young Detroit Tigers Fan Devastated Upon Realizing He Caught Opponent's Grand Slam

Catching the ball for a grand slam should bring a feeling of rapture and joy. Until you realize you're holding the evidence that four runs were just scored against your team.

Unfortunately for 8-year-old JD Schilp, he experienced that exact range of emotions on Tuesday night at Detroit's Comerica Park as his Tigers faced off against the Oakland A's, MLB's Cut4 reported.

Oakland's Ben Zobrist took to the plate in the seventh inning with the A's trailing 3-1. But with bases loaded, the Zorilla done did it, launching the ball into the stands and into little JD's glove.

Suddenly, the score was now 5-3 in the A's favor and JD realized he was an accessory to the crime, even apologizing to Detroit outfielder J.D. Martinez.

What have I done?! (Credit:

"I was screaming 'I'm sorry,'" the tiny Tigers fan told, seemingly in much better spirits even though the score would stand and Detroit lost the game to Oakland.