Benedict Cumberbatch Freaks Out Over The Election Like Everyone Else

"I’m really scared."

Doctor Strange is as terrified of the presidential election result as the rest of us.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the titular character in Marvel’s new movie, exaggeratedly freaked out about Tuesday’s vote during a preview promo for “Saturday Night Live” ― which he hosts with Solange this weekend.

Alongside “SNL” cast member Beck Bennett, the “Sherlock” star tried to pretend for five seconds the election wasn’t happening. But they just couldn’t manage it.

I’m really scared, the polls, it’s just getting too close,” said Cumberbatch, next to an equally petrified Bennett. “We’re very frightened where we live, let alone here,” the British actor added. “It must be very terrifying.”

Cumberbatch may have overstated his fear somewhat for the clip, but has previously stated how Doctor Strange would probably make GOP nominee Donald Trump disappear if he had the chance.

Check it out in the clip above.