Endearing Quotes About Parenthood From Benedict Cumberbatch

The actor and his wife, Sophie Hunter, became parents in 2015.
Benedict Cumberbatch became a father in 2015 when Sophie Hunter gave birth to their first son, Christopher aka Kit.
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Benedict Cumberbatch became a father in 2015 when Sophie Hunter gave birth to their first son, Christopher aka Kit.

Benedict Cumberbatch understands the transformative experience of becoming a parent.

The actor and his wife, Sophie Hunter, have two sons, Kit and Hal. Since becoming a dad in 2015, he has spoken about the highs and lows in a number of interviews.

In honor of his birthday, we’ve rounded up 12 quotes about fatherhood from Cumberbatch.

On Becoming A Father

“Having a baby ― it’s massive. And on a very unexpected level. Suddenly I understood my parents much more profoundly than I ever had before. I was expecting, with ‘Hamlet,’ that it might be a hindrance to be a father, because it’s all about being a son. But it’s the opposite. You understand much more about being a son, becoming a father.”

On The Best Parenting Advice

“Sleep when they sleep, make sure you can build some napping into your day, and then you won’t go utterly insane.”

On His Parents’ Influence

“I can only hope to be half as good [a parent] as they were to me, to my children. I have their example to follow so I’ll be doing something right if I am.”

On The Power Of Family

“It’s a joyous thing. I’m very happy to have them in my life, very lucky as well. Home is always the roots and the safe harbor.”

On Alone Time

“I now know why my father took a broadsheet paper to the bathroom every morning. I get it Dad, I get it. Now you have to take all your devices with you so you can get your office work done as well. I’m sure it’s very hygienic.”

On Perspective

“I don’t think of myself as this huge Hollywood star. I have a new family and I have close friends who have known me since I first started and don’t think of me like that. They’re always happy to remind me who I am, which is good. I don’t find it difficult to stay grounded. Every time I come back to London, I love the feeling ― it’s my hometown and I’m very happy with my creature comforts. I’m actually quite a homely person, although I still enjoy being on the red carpet.”

On Doing Kid-Friendly Roles For His Children

“I want them to know what I do for a living and they can’t always because of the certification of my films, we’ll all be a lot older by the time they get to see them. I would definitely like to do some child-friendly work in the future, I’ve done a bit but there might be a bit more of that.”

On The Changes Parenthood Brings

“Lots of people, especially women, get told, ‘Oh parenthood is really going to affect your career’ ― and it does, but for the better I think. I know I’m in a very privileged position in my career but I think everyone, even if they’re in a challenging time in their life, draws strength from their children. They are your inspiration. It adds to your work, it never takes away.”

On Priorities

“It’s everything. I have a new life form that needs his father’s help in the world and his mother needs a little help once in a while. It’s what being a parent is about, so it’s not an excuse to get away from what I am doing — it’s what I ought to be doing. After three and half hours of ‘Hamlet,’ I think that’s OK.”

On Work-Life Balance

“I think there are plenty of good actors who are fathers. I mean, you only have to look at Daniel Day-Lewis as an example and a lot of my dear friends: Mark Strong, I mean, I could go on and on. I think what children do is enhance your life, they don’t inhibit it. They don’t limit it, they give you inspiration and depths of understanding of the human condition and what it is to be on this planet and what our purpose is, that goes well beyond anything a childless actor could hope for. I’m so excited to meet my child and it’s a huge part of my life and it’ll be the most important part of my life, as it should be. I know, I can speak for many other friends of mine, Martin [Freeman] is another example who springs to mind, who managed to balance a home life and a work life. It’s not easy, but then everyone is doing it, everyone I know who has children is managing it, so it’s not impossible.”

On His Growing Family

“I’ve become a father and a husband, and in the right order ― just. I might go for a Cumber-batch of boys!”

On The Joy Of Fatherhood

“It’s wonderful, wonderful and much more, much, much more.”

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