Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Act Out The Most Famous 'Hamlet' Scene

To Cumberbatch or not to Cumberbatch, that is the question. But Cumberbatch, clearly.
Albert L. Ortega via Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the title role in “Hamlet” became the fastest selling show in London theater history last year, with 100,000 tickets selling in just minutes.

A couple months into the show’s run, after premiering on Aug. 5, 2015, 87 percent of movie theaters across the United Kingdom hosted a live stream of the performance. The combination of Cumberbatch with William Shakespeare was arguably the most British thing to happen last year.

Now, on Nov. 15, American audiences who missed him the first time will be able to watch Cumberbatch’s turn as Hamlet at a movie theater in the United States. More than 240 U.S. theaters will be screening the play, which Cumberbatch originally performed at the Barbican in London.

The Huffington Post is debuting a clip from the performance below.

Watch Cumberbatch say, “to be or not to be,” as you’ve always wanted to:

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