Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Hardy Eyed For Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' (REPORT)

Last week, "Sinister" director Scott Derrickson confirmed he would make "Doctor Strange" for Marvel. Now, Deadline.com is reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy are being eyed for the film's titular role.

The Deadline.com report comes in the wake of a rumor that Jared Leto, recent Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor, is being considered for the part of Dr. Stephen Strange as well. While Deadline.com made no mention of Leto, both Cumberbatch and Hardy are both geek fan favorites, and more likely better fits for the part.

In the Marvel universe, Dr. Strange is a former neurosurgeon who hurts his hand, ending his career, and travels to the Himalayas to learn magic from the Ancient One. Becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, Strange protects the Earth from all manner of mystical and magical threats.

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