Amen! Jerry Stands Up for California

Amen! Jerry Stands Up for California
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(Can You Feel the Spirit Governor Cuomo?!?)

Governor Jerry Brown heard the shouts from his congregation of business leaders and signed California benefit corporation legislation into law late Sunday night.

More than 200 individual businesses (like Patagonia and Revolution Foods), a dozen business associations from the mainstream (Silicon Valley Leadership Group) to the green team (U.S. Green Building Council), and nearly 3,500 California citizens made clear that they wanted to support a better way to do business.

California is the largest economy in the U.S. and considered a hotbed for entrepreneurs and investors using sustainability as a driver of innovation and competitive advantage.

By signing benefit corporation legislation, Governor Brown accelerates a national movement for the kind of systemic change that can create a new economy with millions of new high quality jobs and improve the quality of life in communities across our country.

California becomes the sixth state, joining New Jersey, Virginia, Hawaii, Vermont, and Maryland. Legislation has already passed the Senate unanimously in North Carolina and is moving forward in Pennsylvania and Michigan with bi-partisan co-sponsors.

Legislation sits on Governor Cuomo's desk in New York after passing both houses of a divided legislature unanimously. Combining the entrepreneurial energy in California with the capital in New York would make a powerful force for economic growth that is more inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

Given the long tail of the Great Recession and the Euro-dangers that lie ahead, let's hope Governor Cuomo feels the spirit.

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