Benefits of Three Essential Oils


I have been using essential oils to help me in my everyday life for a number of years now. While there are many synthetic products that are labeled "scented" or "perfumed" oil, they are not going to produce the same results as true essential oil will. The Internet is a good source for discovering what is a true essential oil versus a synthetic/scented one. Much of that will be reflected in the price, as true essential oils are more expensive than their inferior synthetic counterparts. As a result, I have discovered ways to use oils to personal advantage by applying an intention and a purpose to the ritual of using them.

Here are three basic essential oils and what they may be used for. There is no steadfast meaning, except for what has been passed down for generations by aromatherapists. The three oils listed below are a little more costly than average, but they are well worth the investment because you will achieve more accurate results.

1. Sandalwood - Ideal for meditation, it increases relaxation while stimulating via visualization. It is a good scent for protection and to uplift your mood. I often prepare my meditation space by burning a drop or two into an oil burner.
2. Rose - Beneficial for sleep. Balance yourself at the end of your day, and have a restful night by putting a few drops on your pulse points before retiring.
3. Bayberry - Great for encouraging more money in your life. I place a drop on a handkerchief or cloth and take it with me to work.

There are no steadfast rules on the application you use, as long as your intention is clear. Using the oils for the purposes outlined will always garnish you more positive results. Don't be afraid to experiment, and do make a point of keeping a journal of your progress.