61 Awesome Benefits Of Living Alone

Just me, myself and Netflix.

Solo-dwellers, I'm here to tell you that you've made a practical, adult choice that you won't regret. Living on your own comes with more perks than sprinkles on that ice cream sundae you're eating with a ladle.

Let's count them, shall we?

1. You can be as clean or as messy as you want. No one will mess with your mess.

2. You can choose the decor for your entire space.

3. And there's no fight for personal space. All the sh*t on the coffee table is yours!

4. You can finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

5. But when it gets too quiet, you can jam out to your favorite song without headphones.

6. You don’t have to compromise on Netflix choices. The remote is yours and yours alone. Binge away!

7. You don't have to share your Netflix and Hulu accounts with anyone so "Recommended for You" best reflects your eclectic taste in goth flicks and cooking shows.

8. You never have to label your groceries because every item in the fridge is yours!

9. You don't have to worry about your roommate's food molding in the fridge and stinkin' up the place.

10. There's no judgment for ordering a large pizza on Seamless, then ordering cookie cake two hours later.

11. No spoon? No problem.

12. You can cook whatever you want and it can be as smelly or as spicy as you like.

13. You don't have to take out anyone else's garbage.

14. You can save yourself from washing a glass by drinking straight out of the carton.

15. You don't have to worry about someone stealing from your snack stash.

16. All that wine, all. for. you.

17. Sharing is caring? Psh. You can cook a large meal and have leftovers for the rest of the week.

18. There's no one nagging you to clean the dishes.

19. Not to mention -- fewer dishes for you to clean.

20. You don't have to constantly remind your roommates about paying rent. You are king of the bills.

21. You can leave your clothes on the floor for as long as you want.

22. Or in the dryer.

23. You don't have to pretend to be interested in every little detail of your roommate's day.

24. You can fart aggressively where and when you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

25. There are no distractions when you need to get things done.

26. You don't have to deal with your roommate's bad habits, like leaving the toilet seat up.

27. You can go to the bathroom without shutting the door.

28. Your toilet paper doesn't have to be on the holder. On top of the holder will do.

29. You don't have to worry about your roommate finishing the last roll of toilet paper.

30. And then remind them it's their turn to buy the next batch of Charmin.

31. You don't have to deal with unclogging your roommate's sh*t.

32. Or smelling your roommate's sh*t.

33. You don't have to wait for your roommate to finish up in the bathroom. You can literally use it whenever!

34. You never have to worry about your roommate using your expensive shampoo and conditioner.

35. The hair in the shower drain is yours, and ONLY yours.

36. Singing Adele in the shower is perfectly A-OK. Go ahead and sing your heart out.

37. Not to mention, you can dance like nobody's watching. Because nobody is!

38. You don't have to say "good morning" to anyone until you get to work.

39. You can spend more time perfecting your craft, be it oil painting or playing the flute.

40. When you get back from work, the place is exactly the way you left it.

41. Want to adopt a pet? Your roommate's allergies won't be a deciding factor.

42. You can talk to your cat. No judgments there.

43. Or talk to yourself.

44. You don't have to worry about someone losing your mail, let alone touching your mail.

45. You don't have to let your roommate know ahead of time that you're bringing someone home.

46. Or ask for permission to have guests over.

47. You don’t have to deal with a drunk roommate coming home at 3 a.m.

48. Or the drunk roommate who forgot their key.

49. No one will witness your breakdowns. And best of all, you don't have to apologize for 'em!

50. You don't have to deal with your roommate's friends who come over.

51. You can get some extra Zzz's because no one will be playing Xbox on full volume at 4 in the morning. (Unless that someone is you.)

52. The temperature in the apartment is up to you. Cold? Hot? Everything goes!

53. No one will give you side eye for disappearing into your bedroom with your "best friend" for hours at a time.

54. You can stay in on a Friday night with zero guilt trips.

55. No one else's alarm will ever wake you up.

56. You can let it all out when you're sick. Cough, sneeze, vom ... whatever, wherever.

57. Forgot your keys? Just hit up up that special someone to see if you can spend the night. It's a legit excuse.

58. You can practice all those not-so-sexy yoga poses in your living room and fall on your face without anyone seeing.

59. You learn how to budget.

60. The couch is your throne.

61. And lastly, unlimited privacy means clothing is optional. No pants are the best pants.

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