Bagel The Bengal Cat Has A Love/Hate Relationship With Boxes (PHOTOS)

LOOK: This Cat Loves To Hate Boxes

Meet Bagel the Bengal cat.

On Wednesday, she began gaining Reddit fame after user moi3ius, a friend of Bagel's owners, submitted a picture of her making an escape from a box. Since then, the photo has received more than 600 comments.

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When The Huffington Post reached out to the Internet sensation's parents -- Collin Hegna and Meghann Leighton -- we found out that Bagel has a big history with boxes. A hilarious history, that is.

Turns out Bagel has clawed her way out of boxes big and small. From moving boxes to pizza boxes, she's chewed through it all.

A quick look through Bagel's adventures will make your day. And if you're really into cats with boxes, check out a great video compilation here.

Bagel The Bengal

Bagel The Bengal

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