Complete Video Of All 11 Hours Of This Week's Fugazi Hearings

I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.

The big news out of Washington, D.C., this week was the 11 hours of Fugazi hearings that took place Thursday. The hearings were expected to cause a lot of Dischord, but after they were over, it was generally agreed that they were a Steady Diet of Nothing. But you can relive 11 hours of Fugazi hearings, beginning with the video above.

But the Fugazi hearings don't end there. Really, they are just getting started.

The Daily Dot's Mary Emily O'Hara was the first to question why it was that the former secretary 0f state was "being made to endure these brutal Fugazi hearings." Perhaps it was her unwillingness to support the local music scene? Her record, sorry to say, is not that good in this regard.

For what it's worth, Hillary's husband, Bill, faced similar criticism during his presidency.

"There are some really great rock 'n' roll bands here in the D.C. area that are making some really great music," said Nicole Schenck, 22, bassist for the band Boba Fetish. "And President Clinton, for all his talk about community activism and involvement, really isn't doing anything to support them, either by going to the shows or by using his position of power to help get the word out. It's incredibly disappointing."

You really couldn't blame Hillary Clinton for thinking, "Well, one, two, three, repeater."

There was a sense that these Fugazi hearings just rehashed earlier Fugazi hearings in other venues. For example, some of the Fugazi hearings took place at legendary punk venue 924 Gilman Street, in Berkeley, California.

And like I said, some people simply thought the hearings weren't a steady enough diet of digestible substance.

Nevertheless, the Fugazi hearings provided ample opportunity for those who watched to question the misguided foreign policy decisions of our leaders.

And it was hard to argue that the Fugazi hearings didn't feel right at home, here in Washington, D.C.

Not everyone will agree with my personal assessment, but I felt that this is the best part of the Fugazi hearings.

Liberal media watchdog organization Media Matters offered up a sharp critique, calling the proceedings a "pointless" waste of time that "bore no relevance" to ordinary people. I guess it was safe to say that they thought the Fugazi hearings were just the Beltway scene's Latest Disgrace, and there were moments during this portion of the hearings where this feeling was palpable to all observers.

Who wants to take a break for some Beyoncé hearings?

This town, am I right?

Critics of a popular Twitter meme contend that what is a joke to some is a Caustic Acrostic to many more. This whole idea of Caustic Acrostics did come up at one point during the Fugazi hearings. It was No Surprise.

Late in the Fugazi hearings, there was an opportunity to probe deeper into the backstory, and learn how all of this came about.

Nevertheless, for many, The Argument will continue to rage.


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