Benjaman Kyle, Homeless Man With Amnesia, Still Unidentified 8 Years After Being Found Unconscious

After being found naked, unconscious and covered with ant bites behind a Burger King dumpster in 2004 in Richmond Hill, Ga., a man who goes by the pseudonym "Benjaman Kyle" still has no idea who he is -- and neither does anyone else. Without a confirmed identity, Kyle is unable to get a social security number, something which is prohibiting him from being able to get a job.

Kyle spoke with HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski Monday about his struggle with homelessness and a new petition making its way around the Internet calling on President Barack Obama to intervene and help him obtain a social security number.

"It feels really good and at the same time I feel really bad that I have to rely on all these people to help me," Kyle told HuffPost Live. "I guess I'm pretty self reliant and I don't like asking people for help -- but I need it now."

Filmmaker John Wikstrom, who made a documentary about Kyle called "Finding Benjaman," said the experience has been inspiring and frustrating at the same time.

"What's really inspiring was how quickly people banded together to sign and spread the petition," Wikstrom told ABC News. "Within one day, we got 6000 signatures, and the Vimeo [video] view count is almost up to 100,000. That really seems to be the narrative of what happened. Since the government hasn't been able to do anything, people are taking this into their own hands."