The Haunted Hathaways Star Benjamin 'Lil P-Nut' Flores Jr. Receives News of 'Favorite TV Actor' KCA's Nomination

The 27th Annual Kids Choice Awards is headed back to Los Angeles March 29th, with Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actor/producer Mark Wahlberg taking over as this year's host. The eminent slime-tastic night will return to USC's Galen Center and celebrate favorites across the worlds of film, television, music and more.

In a recent set visit to the Nickelodeon show, The Haunted Hathaways, I sat down with Ernie Hudson, who starred in Ghost Busters, with fellow actor, writer and producer Harold Ramis among others. Ramis passed away Monday.

On my visit to set I watched scenes with a new comer and budding young star Benjamin Flores Jr. visit who plays Hudson's grand son Louie Preston on the show.

In the below behind-the-scenes video, The Haunted Hathaways star Benjamin "Lil P-Nut" Flores Jr. was just informed he's been nominated for Favorite TV Actor. His reaction is PRICELESS and includes him embracing his parents and little brother, screaming. And of course it wouldn't be P-Nut if there wasn't a speech involved...

Take a look, enjoy the video and tune into the Kids Choice Awards airing on Nickelodeon March 29th.

Nick fans will be able to get in on the slime online and in the Nick app this year, voting for their favorite actors, shows, movies and musicians in all new ways. Beginning today, viewers can log on to to get to know their Kids' Choice Awards host, Mark Wahlberg. Beginning in February, the full Kids' Choice Awards digital experience launches across desktop and mobile devices. Leading up to the March event, fans can watch wacky videos, play funny KCA-themed games, and get constant updates on the slimefest to come. On March 29, viewers can head to to see a live webcast of the Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet pre-show, and stay logged on during the show to see all the backstage action.