Benjamin Netanyahu: Some Iran Containment Supporters 'Set A New Standard For Human Stupidity' (VIDEO)

'A New Standard For Human Stupidity'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out against those who have suggested a policy of containment would work in the case of nuclear Iran.

"Iran is guided by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism," he told NBC's David Gregory, in an interview that will air on Sunday's Meet The Press. "You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?"

He denounced the notion that going to war with Iran would be worse than a nuclear Iran.

I mean I heard some people suggest, David, I actually read this in the American press. They said, "Well, you know, if you take action, that's a lot worse than having Iran with nuclear weapons." Some have even said that Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East, stabilize the Middle East. I think the people who say this have set a new standard for human stupidity.

Netanyahu has offered plenty of tough talk about Iran lately. Last week, he attacked the U.S.'s policies towards Iran, saying, "those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel."

Despite the tough rhetoric, a top Israeli official reportedly told Reuters that Israel has no imminent plans for a unilateral attack on Iran. Israel is threatened by the possibility of a nuclear Iran. However, pressure from the international community has kept Iran's nuclear plans in check, the official said.

The issue of Iran has reportedly caused tension between the Israeli Prime Minister and President Obama. According to Reuters, Obama decided not to meet with Netayahu during a U.S. visit this month.

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