Bennett Brothers' Outstanding Philanthropy Gets Recognized at BET Awards

The two brothers have quite a track record of generosity.

When NFL players Martellus and Michael Bennett were recognized at Sunday’s BET Awards, it wasn’t for their on-the-field talents.

The two football players have established quite the track record for their philanthropy, which they were honored for with the Shine Your Light award.

Martellus, a former New England Patriot who now plays for the Green Bay Packers, pledged to donate all of the sales from his jersey to after-school programs. He also founded a children’s book company called The Imagination Agency.

Martellus’ announcement came not long after his brother Michael said he’d be giving all of the money from his 2017 endorsement deals to charities that cater to minorities and the empowerment of black women.

Martellus and Michael also don’t shy away from voicing their opinions. Marcellus was one of several players to sit out the Patriots’ visit to the Trump White House after their 2016 Super Bowl win.

Last September, Michael called on white NFL players to speak up against the injustices taking place in America as black players did during the season.

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