Benny Johnson Joining National Review

Benny Johnson, the former BuzzFeed editor who was fired for plagiarism, is getting a second chance at a journalism career.

The National Review told Politico Playbook that Johnson will be joining their staff as the site's head of social media.

"Benny made a terrible mistake," said NRO chief Rich Lowry. "But he has owned up to it and learned from it. He's a talented journalist, with obviously a lot to contribute."

In a tweet, Johnson said that he is "honored to be joining the incredible team at @NRO."

Johnson was fired in July after two bloggers surfaced several damning accounts of plagiarism. In some cases, Johnson appeared to lift exact phrases from Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers.

BuzzFeed said they were "deeply embarrassed" about the incidents and apologized to readers. According to editor-in-chief Ben Smith, BuzzFeed found 41 examples of plagiarism in Johnson's work.

Before joining BuzzFeed, Johnson wrote for conservative websites 'The Blaze' and 'Breitbart News.' Johnson, a former College Republican and Mitt Romney 2008 campaign worker, has been outspoken about his right-leaning political views.

Here's a picture of him and Paul Ryan, via his Twitter account: