If All Adults Reread 'The Berenstain Bears,' The World Would Be A Much Better Place

If All Adults Reread 'The Berenstain Bears,' The World Would Be A Much Better Place

We should all just openly admit this now: If all adults reread The Berenstain Bears books, the world would be a better place.

Basically, the Berenstain Bears taught us everything we need to know about how to be good people. They taught us good manners, how to share, even how to "go green." Unfortunately for some of us, we've forgotten these lessons.

If all adults reread The Berenstain Bears books, then...

We'd always remember to separate our recycling, and we might even start growing a few vegetables in the backyard.

We wouldn't come home from our desk jobs just to get home and get on Facebook.

We wouldn't schedule yoga, brunch with friends and a half-day volunteering session in the same day.

We wouldn't need to buy the latest Apple product the day it comes out (when we already had a phone that worked perfectly fine).

We would be fine marching to the beat of our own drums.

We would realize that it's totally okay to have a small intimate birthday dinner instead of a big, crazy party.

We would be reading more Hemingway and watching less "Real Housewives."

We'd finally actually sign up for Big Brothers Big Sisters or volunteer some time at the local soup kitchen, even though we'd been meaning to for ages.

When we cancel plans, we'd probably just admit that we're really tired and need some alone time instead of making up an elaborate lie about having a crazy stomach bug.

We'd open a 401K and put our extra money toward retirement instead of Manolo Blahniks.

We'd realize that friendship (and every relationship in life, for that matter) is all about compromise.

We would have immediately dumped that guy who used to honk his horn when he picked us up instead of coming to the door.

Despite our busy lives, we'd make sure we were still eating healthfully instead of just grabbing a slice of pizza after work four days a week.

We would actually be thankful for all the things we do have, instead of focusing on the things we don't have.

We wouldn't let our jealousy get the better of us, and we'd actually be 100 percent happy for our friend who just got a promotion/raise/book deal/whatever.

Women would not let men undermine their success; men would stop doing it.

We'd take the blame and apologize during fights we get in when we know we're wrong, instead of just retaliating with "Well you always do _________!"

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