Berlin Addresses Rumor That It Is Kicking Refugees Out Of Hostels And Hotels

Only one hotel was evacuated due to fire safety concerns, according to an official.

A Berlin government official has shot down a rumor that refugees are being removed from all hostels and hotels housing refugees in Berlin. 

"There must have been a misunderstanding," Silvia Kostner, spokeswoman for Berlin's State Office for Health and Social Affairs, told HuffPost Germany. "Only one hotel had to be evacuated because of fire protection. The [State Office, also known as LaGeSo,] had to escort the refugees in another place."

LaGeSo also denied that the woman who allegedly circulated the rumor, Marianna Ihle, who was reported as being a state official, is an employee of theirs.

Almost 800,000 refugees have arrived in Germany so far this year to escape war and conflict. People leave the Middle East and cross into Europe via Turkey, Greece and Italy. They have been making their way to western Europe in search of a fresh start. Yet even after leaving their lives behind, the journey is far from over.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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