New Year's Eve Street Parties Turn Berlin Into A Freaking War Zone (RAW VIDEO)

Beer, Fireworks And David Hasselhoff: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Berlin, Germany, rang in the new year in style with an official fireworks display and a free David Hasselhoff concert. But if footage from the unofficial afterparty is to be believed, it's a minor miracle that the city didn't burn to the ground.

It's hard to take anything on the Internet at face value, but one thing's for sure: This video is cray cray.

A Reddit user posted this raw footage to one of the site's video forums on New Year's Day. It shows people filming the unfolding chaos as fireworks explode on a street in what's supposedly Berlin.

At one point, a particularly large rocket explodes, wowing the crowd. Moments later, someone walks by while apparently patting out a smoldering piece of clothing. All this takes place amid a backdrop of smoke and burning projectiles.

Other accounts of the impromptu celebrations littered social media:

As did evidence of the aftermath:

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