Bernie...Go Gently into that Good Night

Bernie, I voted for you in California. I even wrote about why you were the Best Choice for President...

But the time has come for you "to go gently into that good night instead of raging against the dying of the light" (with apologies to Dylan Thomas).

And here's the reason.

I saw you as the best choice of the three candidates, because you were much more aspirational than you were ambitious. Aspirational is focusing on always becoming better, because we always can. Ambitious is about getting something, about winning and about not losing. Aspirational is about service. Ambition is about personal ego.

The time has come to be gracious and generous and to support Hillary Clinton and help her unify the Democratic Party. To do otherwise is to reveal an ambitious, unwillingness to let go of your time in the spotlight and to run the risk of going from somebody back to anybody.

And as we all know in this sensationalistic world, when you go from somebody back to anybody, it's the same as being nobody.

Don't spoil all the goodness you have brought to the American people and hopefully whoever we elect in November.

And don't make us feel that you turned out to be "all about me" instead of "all about we."