Bernie Madoff, Harvard Ethics Professor?

Bernie Madoff really wants to get into academia.

The Ponzi schemer, who is now spending lots of time in federal prison, claimed that Harvard is interested in having him lecture on ethics at their Business School.
Fox Business has more:

And, at least in his mind, he's getting ready to help the prestigious Harvard Business School develop course work for its students from his jail cell at Butner. In one of the handful of interviews he has given since his arrest in 2008, Madoff said that Harvard is interested in his input to develop a course in business ethics. Now he tells FOX Business that the school's focus is in "building an Entrepreneurial course" not just on his career as a swindler (though that will certainly come up), but also his pre-phony hedge fund days, when Bernie Madoff was considered one of the best traders on Wall Street.

The course, according to Madoff, will focus "around my experiences building my market making and Prop trading business and my role in NASDAQ and electronic trading. I have been approached by number of other business schools but have only committed to Harvard."

What does Harvard have to say to this?

"The entire matter is not true," a Harvard Business School spokesman told Fox Business. "The business school is not working with Bernard Madoff on anything."

Madoff has floated the idea of his professorship before, telling the FT in April that both Harvard and Northwestern were interested in his expertise in ethics.