Bernie or Bust, In Hillary We Trust?

A storm is coming. Not your typical thunderstorm, no, that would be too easy to endure. A political storm is coming, much stronger than we've experienced before. I never imagined that I'd be alive to see leading contenders for the White House include a woman, a democratic socialist or... a misogynistic and bigoted reality star/businessman known as Donald Trump... yet here we are.

Despite that proverbial storm that looms, we also have one to face amongst our own kin. The issues facing the Democratic Party are clear and bothersome. It's repugnant and a travesty to see the dichotomy that has gripped my party. When you see liberals lambasting Bernie Sanders or disparaging Hillary Clinton, it makes you realize the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. When did it become the norm to launch into such derogatory and belligerent incursions against anyone with slightly differing opinions? When did attacking supporters of a candidate using disparaging remarks, below the belt jabs and insults dealing with physical appearance become the new "political norm"?

The divisiveness, the name calling, the infighting among party factions are turning friends into enemies. I refuse to engage in the adolescent theme of bashing Bernie Sanders or his supporters. Senator Sanders has proven to be a formidable candidate. He has fought hard and gallantly and I'm proud that he chose to run as a Democrat. He is a great man, an honorable man and I have the utmost respect for him. In fact, there's more that unites us than divides us. Therefore, I would proudly support Bernie Sanders with my money, my voice and more importantly, my vote if he won the Democratic nomination.

Many have asked me why I don't rally around and fight for Bernie -- if I hold him in such high regard. Time and again, I've explained my position, but some people only want to hear what they want to hear. So instead of trying to write an article on why I'm voting for the candidate of my choice, I want to tell you why I love my country more than I do a political figure.

America has given me an opportunity like none other. America welcomed my parents and grandparents as immigrants. The America I love stands for justice, for goodness, for progress. The America I believe in welcomes all and shelters many. The America I cherish creates jobs, innovates, inspires and illuminates. America is a beacon of hope, a place that our children and their children will inherit. I could never say that's what Trump's America looks like. Therein lies the reason why I will, like activist George Takei said, "Vote Blue, No Matter Who". There is so much at stake. There's so much to lose. I refuse to gamble with the future of my country. Hillary isn't perfect - neither is Bernie, but both candidates love this country and its people dearly, don't want us to go backwards and want America to continue inspiring and innovating. Like Senator Sanders said, "...on her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day." Both candidates have agendas that are progressive, humanistic, enlightened and compassionate. Saying one would rather vote for Donald Trump (if Bernie Sanders doesn't get the nomination) qualifies as being hypocritical and/or egocentric. Donald Trump's views are un-American, plain and simple. He represents a darkness that slowly crept up from the shadows... a darkness of hatred, malice and contempt. In the end, this cancerous cloud gave birth to a new era of politics, an era where Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States.

If you believe in Sen. Sanders and his revolution, then how could you fathom voting for Trump? Donald Trump is the antitheses of what Bernie and Hillary stand for. Edmond Burke famously said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." We are surrounded by a plethora of good men and women, brothers and sisters in arms. We have an amazing opportunity to come together and support one another. Together, we can overcome. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We need to focus on the bigger picture... and we cannot do that by fighting one another.