Jimmy Kimmel Flags Possible Problem With Bernie Sanders' 2020 Slogan To His Face

The late-night TV host highlighted a potential issue with the Democratic presidential candidate's rallying cry.

Jimmy Kimmel quizzed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders over his 2020 campaign slogan on Thursday night.

The independent senator for Vermont’s rallying cry is “Not Me. Us.”

“Is it smart to put the words ‘Not Me’ in your campaign for president?” asked Kimmel. “If the ‘Us’ gets in the corner of the T-shirt or something, it’s not necessarily a wise idea.”

Sanders laughed at the question and said it was all to do with “bringing people together” and collectively taking on powerful special interests.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sanders explained why he was relishing “not only debating” but also defeating President Donald Trump in November 2020:

I have Republican friends who I disagree with. But what Trump is trying to do is unprecedented and extremely ugly. He is trying to divide our country up based on the color of our skin or where we came from or our religion or our sexual orientation, and that is not what a president of the United States should do. And it will give me great pleasure to defeat this president and create a government of compassion and of love rather than just of hatred and divisiveness.

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