Bernie Sanders Releases Inspirational Ad Ahead Of Iowa Caucus

But something's missing.

Ahead of the vital Iowa caucus on Feb. 1, the Bernie Sanders campaign has released a new ad featuring the growing scores of "everyday Americans" who a turning out to support the candidate.

The 60-second spot, which includes the Simon & Garfunkel song "America," shows snowy wind farms, coffee shops, young families and all-American dairy farms.

Despite the ad's genuinely inspirational message, Sanders' America doesn't reflect the real demographics of the United States. It portrays Sanders walking among groups of mostly white supporters -- indeed, as Vox points out, the ad's intended audience is in New Hampshire and Iowa, both early nominating states populated with predominantly white voters. As Sanders' campaign likely knows, it is those contests where Sanders must perform well now if he is to succeed later on in the general election.

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