Bernie Sanders Becomes the First Candidate From Either Party to Win 60 Percent of a State's Vote

Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire in blowout fashion.

Taking home 60% of the state's vote, he leaves Hillary Clinton with just 38%, marking the largest victory of 2016.

This is the first time since the primaries and caucuses began that any candidate from either party earned 60% of a state's vote.

Last week, in Iowa, the Democratic race was much closer. Sanders and Clinton virtually tied. On the Republican side, no candidate could break 30%.

In New Hampshire, no Republican candidate could crack 40%. In fact, Donald Trump, who won the primary easily, was the only GOP candidate to surpass 20%.

Sanders' landslide will go down as the first of the election. Whether he can maintain his newfound momentum in South Carolina and Nevada remains to be seen.

* The New Hampshire primary results may vary slightly. The results in this article were documented with 92% of all precincts reporting.

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