Bernie Sanders' Bird Shows Us How Great Our Politics Can Be

As Donald Trump gives us the bird, the Bern brings us a dove.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is using the image of a bird that flew on to a lectern where he was speaking in Portland to promote his vision of America. And it couldn't be more different than the one Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump offers.

Unlike Trump, who plays to the worst fears and instincts of Americans, the Democratic presidential candidate is using the bird to emphasize that he believes in an America where all of us support each other.

Sanders used the unusual moment at his rally to call for peace, saying that the small bird was really a dove sending a message that there should be no more war. But equally remarkable was his joy when the bird landed -- a reminder that our politics can be filled with joy, not fear.

And, as some other people on the Internet have pointed out, Trump too has been visited by a bird this election cycle, but the interaction wasn't as peaceful.

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Bernie Sanders On The Campaign Trail

Bernie Sanders On The Campaign Trail

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