Bernie Sanders Can Win By Empowering Every Child, Woman, And Man To Become A Productive Capital Asset Owner

During Donald Trump's rallies and press conferences following his primary wins he stresses that he OWNS this and that business or real estate property, and that these productive capital assets are debt-free. Of course, anyone with a sense of how businesses operate knows that this is an attribute of a successful business. Trump does not use his own money savings to finance his ever-expanding business interests, but instead uses capital credit loans, which are paid back by the earnings produced by the investments. If his past savings are used at all it is as collateral to guarantee the bank loans, should an investment fail to produce the anticipated earnings to be used to pay off the loans. This is the logic of corporate finance, in which investments must pay for themselves - by earning profits, which are first pledged to pay off a capital credit loan, and once paid off to produce an income stream to the owner(s). This is how people in business get richer and richer and how the already wealthy OWNERSHIP class continues to monopolize the OWNERSHIP of virtually ALL FUTURE wealth-creating, income-producing capital asset expansion.

Hillary Clinton is increasingly advocating for companies to "profit share" with their workers. This is not OWNERSHIP but a tax credit carrot to encourage corporations to share their profits with their workers. Of course, because the workers do not actually gain OWNERSHIP of the companies that employ them under this approach, the profit sharing can be arbitrarily suspended at any time and the workers still have no legal or effective say in the management of the companies that employ them.

Neither Trump nor Clinton, or for that matter none of the presidential candidates, have EVER advocated for workers to OWN the companies that employ them or more significantly, for every child, woman and man to be a capital OWNER in the corporations that are growing our economy. As is the usual case, their focus is on JOB creation, which does not mean capital asset OWNERSHIP creation for the vast majority of Americans. The reality is that all government economic policies are argued or justified in the context of how many JOBS will be created or saved, completely ignoring that those who already OWN the companies receiving tax breaks and incentives will enrich their OWNERSHIP of capital asset wealth due to taxpayers support.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders makes it clear he is an advocate for employee OWNERSHIP of the companies that employ them and for so-called worker cooperatives. Unfortunately hardly anyone knows this about Sanders' position. Instead, this economic policy position is left on the pages of his declared platform and is virtually unknown except to those who actually read his platform positions. (See the following references at,, and

While Sanders acknowledges the importance of workers OWNING the companies that employ them, unfortunately he has yet to advocate his position openly in speeches, interviews, press conferences, debates or political ads.

Sanders should realize that the core reason the top 1 percent receives virtually ALL FUTURE income gains is because the top 1 percent are the very people that OWN America, with the bulk of the capital OWNERSHIP concentrated among the top .1 percent of the American population.

What Sanders needs to do is to aggressively advocate for unrigging the system with reforms that will empower EVERY child, woman, and man to acquire personal OWNERSHIP stakes in the FUTURE productive capital assets that will propel our economy's growth. I am not referring to unproven small business or entrepreneurial endeavors, which, however would be significantly strengthened as the overall economy produces an expansion of "customers with money" to create demand. I believe that if Bernie Sanders fully embraces this policy direction, as he has clearly targeted concentrated capital asset OWNERSHIP and its corresponding political power as the cause of economic inequality, he will win the primaries and the presidency, while more effectively realizing the political revolution that is long overdue to put all Americans on the path to inclusive prosperity, inclusive opportunity, and inclusive economic justice.

Sanders does not have to stretch his thinking much farther, as he already is a strong supporter of empowering workers to become OWNERS of the business corporation they are employed by using the proven financial mechanism known as the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which finances worker OWNERSHIP (as individuals) without ANY loss of wages or benefits. Newly issued stock OWNERSHIP shares are paid for out of the FUTURE earnings of the corporation, not with worker past savings or wage deductions. (See

But we must not limit broadening capital asset OWNERSHIP to employees of corporations as there are tens of millions of Americans who do not work for business corporations, such as workers in small businesses or government positions, or who are unemployed, under-employed or unproductive, on welfare or who are senior citizens with only meager Social Security income, which effectively reduces their life to a struggle to meet day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month demands.

Instead of the OWNED or BE OWNED issue being discussed, all one hears from both sides of the political spectrum is: "We will provide JOBS and put Americans back to work and raise the minimum wage!" While that sounds good, it is, in fact, terribly shortsighted. With the U.S. population continuing to climb and the rate of job-devouring automation and robotics exponentially skyrocketing, along with the job destroying and wage devaluation forces of globalization, an individual's or family's 100 percent reliance on "JOBS" for subsistence will soon be totally outmoded. This means that your children and their children will be faced with unimaginable economic insecurity in the FUTURE, regardless of educational achievement, if the system is not reformed to empower them to become productive capital OWNERS, and prevent those who already hoard the capital asset OWNERSHIP of America from monopolizing ALL FUTURE OWNERSHIP of America's capital asset growth.

Our visionary politicians would best serve us by devising plans that involve OWNERSHIP of the capital asset producing structures of the U.S. economy, in particular the large corporations responsible for producing the bulk of the products and services bought by Americans, without penalizing the wealthy class to do so. The "Center for Economic and Social Justice" has solutions that make sense and which cross party lines quite easily. One of CESJ's core policy proposals is to enact the Capital Homestead Act, also known as the Economic Democracy Act. This will empower EVERY child, woman and man to acquire personal OWNERSHIP stakes in the FUTURE capital asset wealth of the American economy, without the requirement of past savings or ANY reduction in wage earnings or benefits, using insured, capital credit, repayable out of the FUTURE earnings of the investments in the viable corporations growing the economy. (See,, and

These proposals clearly demonstrate that most people are wrong to take for granted that the only way to finance new capital asset formation (not risky investment in already-OWNED stock speculation) -- and thus widespread capital asset OWNERSHIP and control -- is through cutting consumption and accumulating money savings, thus assuring that ONLY the already rich can afford to finance new capital formation, and as a result the richer they will get. "Past savings" are by definition, the virtual monopoly of the rich. The solution is saving in the future to finance new capital asset formation now. In other words we need to switch from financing with money withheld from consumption in the past, to financing with the present value of what is reasonably expected to produce in the future. That way, nothing is taken out of anyone's pocket now, and anybody who comes up with a financially feasible project should be able to get financing for it.

We don't need the rich to finance new capital formation. To finance new productive capital using "future savings" it is only necessary to have a feasible capital project ready to start building. The present value of the project can be put into contract form (a "bill of exchange") and either used directly as money to finance the new capital formation, or taken to a commercial bank and discounted, using newly created bank promissory notes as new money in the form of demand deposits ("checking accounts"). To make things less risky and ensure a uniform, stable, and elastic asset-backed reserve currency, the Federal Reserve Bank would rediscount such qualified paper, with the central bank's promissory notes substituted for or backing the commercial bank's promissory notes.

In other words, all that is necessary to finance new capital formation without the rich is feasible capital projects that can pay for themselves out of their own future earnings, and a banking system to provide media of exchange that are recognized as uniform and stable. Significantly, if new capital asset formation can be financed without using past savings, that means the rich are not needed in order to become an owner of productive capital...and that means that every child, woman, and man -- regardless whether she, he, or it has savings now -- can use "future savings" to become an owner without taking anything away from "the rich" or penalizing success.

Using this method of finance is preferable to form new capital assets using the present value of the anticipated future stream of income and wealth embodied in a "bill of exchange" contract. Present value can be turned into "money" by contract, and this contract can be used to purchase new productive capital that repays its purchase price -- "self-liquidating." This will enable companies with "feasible capital projects" (meaning they pay for themselves out of their own profits) to grow without having to retain earnings -- instead, earnings can be paid out to the people to whom they belong: the shareholders. The new capital wealth creation, represented by new issues of stock (directly tied to OWNERSHIP and control sharing) can be financed to benefit anyone (whether employed or not) without first having saved.

The role of capital credit insurance facilitated with private insurance or a government reinsurance agency (ala the Federal Housing Administration concept) would serve as the replacement for past savings collateral to protect the commercial bank in the event of a failure of the capital project to produce the expected FUTURE earnings that would be used to pay off the capital credit loan. Thus, national capital credit insurance would replace the requirement for pledged security, allowing employees and non-employees (EVERY citizen) to become new capital asset OWNERS simultaneously with the growth of the economy.

To win the presidency, Bernie Sanders needs to advocate for the enactment of this proposed legislation that will effectively empower EVERY citizen to become a productive capital OWNER without the requirement of past savings or ANY reduction in wage earnings or benefits.

If our politicians would for a moment bury their hatchets and examine the ideas outlined by the CESJ, the voters in our country would be getting far more than just jobs and increased minimum wages, and benefit from a long-term policy direction that will provide economic security to EVERY citizen and their heirs, as we build a FUTURE environmentally responsible economy that can support general affluence for EVERY child, woman, and man.